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0Jugaremos en el bosque

Jugaremos en el bosque

After the death of his son, Javier hopes that restoring his family's abandoned ranch will allow him and his wife Mariana, who attempted suicide, a new beginning, but his grandmother refuses.

2024Horror0 minPlay
7.5Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole

Raised in opulence and culture, 10 year old Tochtli's lavish life contrasts with the darkness that seeps in from his father's criminal activities.

2024Comedy103 minPlay
TV 6Sierra Madre: No Trespassing

Sierra Madre: No Trespassing

Through the perspective of the Parras, a family of lineage and lineage, it will be shown that not everything is as it seems, while they do everything possible to maintain the appearances of their own "paradise" of life.

2024Crime minPlay
TV 7.5The Secret Score

The Secret Score

Maya and her friends find a musical score that grants them magical powers. Together they try to keep it a secret, not knowing that someone with dark intentions is looking for it. As they go on adventures together, they gain a deeper understanding of each other and themselves. Ultimately, they will have to ask themselves if the world is ready for magic.

2024Action minPlay
TV 8Marea de pasiones

Marea de pasiones

NRLas Estrellas
2024Drama60 minPlay
TV 7.1Red Queen

Red Queen

A gifted woman's intellect brings chance to lead covert European police force. But it backfires, costing her everything. Following murder at her home and kidnapped heiress, her ex-supervisor enlists a policeman's aid to reinstate her.

NRPrime Video
2024Action minPlay
TV 9.8El amor no tiene receta

El amor no tiene receta

Paz Roble, a kind, hard-working and honest woman from whom her husband, Fermín, takes her newborn daughter. Fermín has a large debt with some lenders and to pay it he decides to sell his daughter to Mauro Nicoliti. This plagiarism is orchestrated by Geneva, Mauro's adoptive sister. She lost her first-born daughter in childbirth and does everything to replace her dead daughter and keep her husband's fortune. On the other hand, Esteban Villa de Cortés loses his wife and becomes a widower with ...

2024Action50 minPlay
TV 7.1LaLola


A prosperous businessman used to getting his way with women to boost his ego. He receives his comeuppance when he wakes one morning in the body of a woman. Desperate to revert to his original body, he struggles to protect his job and his relationships with his family and his best friend.

2024Comedy minPlay
TV 7.7Vivir de amor

Vivir de amor

NRLas Estrellas
2024Drama50 minPlay
7.4The Roommate

The Roommate

Vivi is a young writer who is forced to find a roommate to pay the mortgage on her apartment. What she does not suspect is that Roy, the supposed perfect partner she found, has a peculiar lifestyle: he never pays rent.

2024Comedy99 minPlay
TV 7.5Tu vida es mi vida

Tu vida es mi vida

Paula, a woman who, upon finding out that she suffers from an illness, for which she has 6 to 8 months to live, rethinks her existence and abandons her job as a businesswoman to spend this time with her 3 children. Upon arriving at the town there will be a confrontation between Lorenzo and Pepe's family, a good man with noble feelings who has just asked his wife for a divorce, a selfish woman who is unfaithful to him with Rafa, his own brother. Although the relationship between them begins ...

NRLas Estrellas
2024Comedy50 minPlay


Sylvia is a social worker who leads a simple and structured life: her daughter, her job, her AA meetings. This is blown open when Saul follows her home from their high school reunion. Their surprise encounter will profoundly impact both of them as they open the door to the past.

2023Drama104 minPlay
7.2Dad or Mom

Dad or Mom

Florencia and Vicente are getting divorced. When both are promoted at their jobs, they will do anything in order to do not keep custody of their children.

2023Comedy92 minPlay
7.6Like or Die

Like or Die

Fatima, a woman in her forties, becomes an online overnight sensation. Sofi and Cami, a pair of young influencers, will try to take advantage of Fatima's sudden popularity by pretending to be her friends, unbeknownst to them that they messed with the wrong person!

2023Comedy99 minPlay
TV 7.9El Gallo de Oro

El Gallo de Oro

The story of a passionate love between La Caponera, a palenque singer, and possessor of a gift that gives luck to the man who accompanies her, and Dionisio, a strange and introverted town crier, as they wander from fair to fair through the center of the country.

2023Drama minPlay


In a Mexican border town plagued by neglect, corruption, and violence, a frustrated teacher tries a radical new method to break through his students’ apathy and unlock their curiosity, their potential… and maybe even their genius.

2023Drama127 minPlay
8.5¿Quieres ser mi hijo?

¿Quieres ser mi hijo?

Lu, a conformist woman in her forties, learns that her 15-year partner has been having extramarital affairs. Starting from scratch, she gets involved in an unexpected relationship with a young womanizer.

2023Comedy100 minPlay
TV 7.3Minas de Pasión

Minas de Pasión

Emilia a single mother who works in a mine fall in love with Leonardo the son of Roberta Castro the most powerful of the people. Roberta will seek revenge on Emilia by making her life miserable.

2023Action minPlay
TV 6.5The Chosen One

The Chosen One

After surviving a freak accident, Jodie, a twelve-year-old boy from Santa Rosalía, Baja California Sur, discovers that he has Jesus-like powers: He can turn water into wine, make the crippled walk, and perhaps even raise the dead. How will he deal with his destiny and lead the world through a conflict that’s been thousands of years in the making?

2023Drama minPlay
TV 7.9Gloria Trevi: Ellas soy yo

Gloria Trevi: Ellas soy yo

2023Documentary minPlay
TV 8.3Pancho Villa: The Centaur of the North

Pancho Villa: The Centaur of the North

This is the story of Doroteo Arango, of a life that began on the wrong side of the law, to becoming "Pancho Villa", the feared commander and key figure in the Mexican Revolution. Buried within the story is a man fixated on his own myth, a man whose efforts to become a larger-than-life figure would shape history, but also leave him with many vengeful and powerful enemies.

2023Action minPlay
8.3The Legend of the Spirits

The Legend of the Spirits

Five years after giving up his powers and separating from his friends, Leo San Juan has started a new life trying to focus on his family and their bakery, staying away from danger and adventures. However, Leo knows that his plans are rarely fulfilled and this time is no exception: while traveling with Nando to Veracruz, things start to get weird, and from the depths of the Tuxtlas jungle, an ancient curse has returned and only Leo can face it.

2023Animation89 minPlay
6.2God Is a Bullet

God Is a Bullet

Vice detective Bob Hightower finds his ex-wife murdered and daughter kidnapped by a cult. Frustrated by the botched official investigations, he quits the force and infiltrates the cult to hunt down the leader with the help of the cult’s only female victim escapee, Case Hardin.

2023Action155 minPlay
TV 7.7Triptych


After learning she was separated at birth from her two identical sisters, Rebecca embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the truth about her origins.

2023Drama minPlay
TV 7.2Mujeres Asesinas

Mujeres Asesinas

An anthology series featuring women from different walks of life who are driven to violence and murder because of circumstances varying from mental illness and domestic violence to humiliation and manipulation.

2022Drama minPlay
TV 7.7High Heat

High Heat

When clues to his brother's murder lead Poncho to a fire brigade, he joins it to investigate further and finds romance, family... and a serial killer.

2022Action35 minPlay
7.1The Exorcism of God

The Exorcism of God

An American priest working in Mexico is considered a saint by many local parishioners. However, due to a botched exorcism, he carries a secret that’s eating him alive until he gets an opportunity to face his demon one final time.

2022Crime98 minPlay
TV 7.7Maya and the Three

Maya and the Three

A spirited princess with the heart of a warrior embarks on a mission to fulfill an ancient prophecy and save humanity from the wrath of vengeful gods.

2021Action26 minPlay
TV 7.6Who Killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara?

Hell-bent on exacting revenge and proving he was framed for his sister's murder, Álex sets out to unearth much more than the crime's real culprit.

2021Crime40 minPlay
TV 7.3Dark Desire

Dark Desire

Married Alma spends a fateful weekend away from home that ignites passion, ends in tragedy and leads her to question the truth about those close to her.

2020Drama35 minPlay
TV 6.7Reto 4 Elementos

Reto 4 Elementos

32 participants, divided into 8 teams, made up of two men and two women face air, water, earth and fire tests.

2018Documentary minPlay
TV 8Laws of love

Laws of love

The story of two lawyers specializing in family law, Ricardo and Alejandra, that despite coming from two disappointments and being in a world where it seems that love loses strength, before so much divorce, they still have faith in finding true love.

NRLas Estrellas
2018Drama45 minPlay
6.6Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak

In the aftermath of a family tragedy, an aspiring author is torn between love for her childhood friend and the temptation of a mysterious outsider. Trying to escape the ghosts of her past, she is swept away to a house that breathes, bleeds… and remembers.

2015Horror119 minPlay
7Huevos: Little Rooster’s Egg-Cellent Adventure

Huevos: Little Rooster’s Egg-Cellent Adventure

Toto has grown and now is a young cock. An evil rancher tricks the female owner of the ranch where they live and forces her to bet the property in a cockfight in the arena. Toto is the only option to defend their home, so he must train in just one week and win the championship of the arena.

2015Adventure99 minPlay


Mike Todd is a Broadway producer struggling to produce the film. Around the World in 80 Days. In Mexico, Mario Moreno, a young entertainer is struggling to get some respect, and he manages to become a star. A twist of faith makes them partners. Together they won the Oscar for Best Picture.

2014Drama106 minPlay
7.8The Legend of La Llorona

The Legend of La Llorona

Based on a famous Mexican legend, a group of kids must stop the ghost of a woman whose guilt over the drowning of her own children leads her to abduct youngsters who wander the woods at night.

2011Animation81 minPlay


Something terrible is happening in class 3A at Calmecatl Junior High. No one can leave the classroom until the guilty party is found. This is the device that gives us a glimpse of the ethics, games, esthetics and eroticism of these girl-women. It is not easy to say what the subject is, there are so many: the discovery of sexuality, discrimination, chance, drugs, maternity, traditions, betrayals, power, love. A mural of a complex reality from the point of view of twenty-something women in ...

2011Drama100 minPlay


This is a story of a man in free fall. On the road to redemption, darkness lights his way. Connected with the afterlife, Uxbal is a tragic hero and father of two who's sensing the danger of death. He struggles with a tainted reality and a fate that works against him in order to forgive, for love, and forever.

2010Drama148 minPlay
7.9El Infierno

El Infierno

Benjamin Garcia, Benny is deported from the United States. Back home and against a bleak picture, Benny gets involved in the drug business, in which he has for the first time in his life, a spectacular rise surrounded by money, women, violence and fun. But very soon he will discover that criminal life does not always keep its promises.

2010Comedy145 minPlay
7Dark Seduction

Dark Seduction

Laura is a successful plastic surgeon who feels her life is somewhat empty. She meets a young nurse and falls in love and experiences sexuality to a extent not known to her. However, this spiral of desire and seduction is a dangerous game where no one is who they appear to be.

2010Drama89 minPlay