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TV 5.5Sinister Beings 2

Sinister Beings 2

Following the success of part 1, "Sinister Beings 2" returns with a familiar cast. Two senior detectives Hua Tuan Sam (played by Tran Trien Bang) and Tham Vi Luc (played by Huynh Tri Hien) work together for the Organized Crime Investigation Team and the OCTB or Point O (Organized Crime and Triad Bureau). With their intelligence and sharp observation ability, they solve many cases.

2024Action43 minPlay
TV 0In Bed With A Stranger

In Bed With A Stranger

In Hong Kong, family members of a missing person may apply for the person concerned to be declared legally dead after seven years. While production house boss Yeung Man-sum decides to forget his wife Koo Ching-tin, who has been missing for seven years, and marry his lovely and supportive girlfriend Chu Sin-mei, his son Chi-hin’s birth mother Ching-tin astonishingly turns up! Due to some falling off a cliff accident, Ching-tin became forgetful and ended up homeless somewhere overseas. With ...

2024Drama43 minPlay
TV 8.3Sinister Beings

Sinister Beings

Hui Chun-sum is an elite OCTB officer. He is fearless and competent. His boss thinks highly of him, and his colleagues really admire him. But his ultimate dream is to join SDU. Another elite OCTB officer Shum Wai-lik has a shrewd mind and extensive experience. Although the duo have different approaches, but they are like-minded and ideally complement each other. Police suffer heavy casualties as they are ambushed by thugs. To catch the culprit, Chun-sum forgets his dream and stays with ...

2021Action43 minPlay
TV 5.4Come Home Love: Lo and Behold

Come Home Love: Lo and Behold

Hung Sue Gan starting from the bottom, established his own logistics company, which is now running smoothly. His only concern now are his three daughters. His eldest daughter has immigrated overseas. His second daughter Hung Yeuk Shui has reached the marriageable age, but has no hopes for marriage anytime soon. She is constantly bickering with her younger sister Hung Sum Yue, who is an honour student, over trivial matters, causing their father to not know whether to laugh or cry. Hung Sue ...

2017Comedy22 minPlay